Orange Light Cashmere Stole
Orange Light Cashmere Stole
  • Orange Light Cashmere Stole

    If you are looking for cashmere scarves & shawls you cannot miss our gauze. The perfect weight: a light cashmere stole ideal for all seasons.

    Wear it on the shoulders as an elegant stole with femininity and elegance, even for a ceremony or event, or tie it around the neck for a daily use.

    Our gauze is the favorite cashmere shawl for mid-season, made with Toosh patented process for working superfine cashmere fibers.

    A jewel luxury cashmere shawl that embellishes any outfit, in all seasons and on all occasions.



  • Lighter than Twill, heavier than Voile. It is the right middle way and perfect passepartout for all seasons

    100% superfine cashmere

    100x200 cm

    Made in Italy

    Dry clean

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