Our history, our roots

"With bricks we build, thanks to roots we grow"

Susanna Tamaro

Toosh is an Italian brand founded in 2003 by Claudia and Jacopo Geraldini, two creative minds with a long experience in the production of accessories and clothing in cashmere and luxury fabrics.

Toosh is the abbreviation of Eco-Shahtoosh,our principal product, the precious cashmere scarf from which everything was born.

The Eco-Shahtoosh is the eco-friendly version of the old Indian Shahtoosh, a precious, soft, warm and light scarf, that has brought the Tibetan antelope to extinction with its production methods.

The Eco-Shahtoosh, made with our certificate method, has the same characteristics of the original, including the big dimensions, and doesn’t harm the environment and the animals.


What we believe in

Our goal is to contribute to the well-being of people and to promote sustainable fashion,by creating a carryover collection, made in Italy and exclusively with high quality materials and sustainable production methods.

Choosing Toosh cashmere scarves means to purchase high quality and long-lasting garments.

We refuse disposable collections and are strong supporters of the motto “buy less, buy better”. With this thought, our cashmere knitwear and tailored clothing collections are not only carryovers, but they are exclusively made to order in the size and the color desired by the customer; regarding the scarves, meanwhile, we have a small production that is periodically replenished according to sales.

"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last"

Vivienne Westwood

This gives you the luxury of having a unique garment, made according to your wishes and needs, and at the same time allows us to produce less stock, ensuring excellent management of raw materials. Toosh collections will never go out of style, since they do not follow the rules of the latest trends but are characterized by a classic style with a modern touch.

Where Toosh products are born

Lombardy is a region of Northern Italy, it has the largest population among the other regions and it’s considered the industrial and agricultural core of the country.Its main city is Milan, which is the capital of Italian fashion and finance.

Our scarves are entirely made in Italy, in our manufacturing branch near the Lake of Como.

From the material to the technique

We’ve decided to focus our attention to the most precious fabrics, such as cashmere, silk and vicuna.
The most precious fabrics in the world deserve the best productive methods to be processed. That’s why we have been constantly developing new textile technologies and processes for over thirty years.

We have several patents: one of them allows us to make the finest pure cashmere.

This very fine and thin fiber can be workable just with using two threads, otherwise it would break due to the lack of kinetic resistance during weaving. So, we decided to associate a water-soluble fiber to the extra fine cashmere one and only after that, woven them in the loom. The fabric obtained is then washed to eliminate the soluble fiber, leaving intact just the woven fine cashmere that has gained enough resistance to resist despite its finesse.

This procedure, that can be used for other precious fibers as well, makes possible the realization of our main item: the EcoShahtoosh®, faithful reproduction of the Indian shahtoosh, also called twill.

The last released patent allows us to obtain garments in finer fibers, 400% thinner than before, giving birth to the thinnest voile, an ultralight cashmere scarf, appreciated for its elegance, transparency and softness.

A gesture of love for nature and environment

For us, sustainability is a means of growth.

The initial purpose of creating a sustainable version of the Indian shahtoosh was to create something beautiful and valuable that protected animals and the environment at the same time.

For us, the respect for the environment is just as important as the quality of our products.

For this reason, thanks to the efforts made in recent years, we can finally say that our production branch is entirely powered by renewable energy.

Throughout the production process, no harmful amino substances are released and the products are completely eco-friendly.