Green camouflage cashmere silk scarf
Green camouflage cashmere silk scarf

Cashmere and Silk Scarf - Green Kamaflage


Cashmere and silk scarf with POP print inspired by a modern mix between Kamasutra and Camouflage.

This cashmere and silk scarf features classic camouflage colors.

A new interpretation of camouflage that will make your look super chic and fun!

The Toosh diamond scarf measures 70x200 cm and it is the result of a patented process to reduce the formation of peeling due to the rubbing between cashmere and rough fabrics or beard.


Silk and cashmere together, specifically designed for men with a surfacing diamantine weave.

Cashmere and silk stole

Composition: 80% cashmere 20% silk

Size: 70x200 cm

Entirely made in Italy.

Dry clean.