Cyclamen Cashmere Stole
Cyclamen Cashmere Stole

Cyclamen Cashmere Stole

A cold and bright color for this extra-thin 100% cashmere stole in cyclamen color.

This fine stole, made of extra-fine cashmere, is also known as EcoToosh, or EcoShahtoosh.

In fact it is produced thanks to the patented Toosh method to obtain a pashmina with all the characteristics of finesse, softness and size of the ancient Indian shahtoosh.

Let yourself be enlightened by the cyclamen cashmere stole, as bright as easy to combine. 


Warm, super soft, refined. Faithful reproduction of the precious Indian Shahtoosh, perfect in winter.

100% pure extrafine cashmere

100x200 cm

Made in Italy

Dry clean

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