Orange Red Cashmere Stole
Orange Red Cashmere Stole

Orange Red Cashmere Stole

A wide cashmere stole with diagonal weave.

The twill, also known as EcoToosh or EcoShahtoosh, is obtained thanks to the patented techniques by Toosh, protected worldwide, to obtain a cashmere pashmina with the same characteristics of thinness and softness of the ancient Indian Shahtoosh.

This cashmere scarf, ideal for the winter season, is warm and enveloping and with this shade of red, tending to orange, it will revive all your warm outfits.

Perfect to match with chocolate or blue for an elegant and sophisticated look. Wear it also with purple, burgundy or petrol green to get a bright look with which you will not go unnoticed!


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Warm, super soft, refined. Faithful reproduction of the precious Indian Shahtoosh, perfect in winter.

100% pure extrafine cashmere

100x200 cm

Made in Italy

Dry clean