High Quality,
Made in Italy Cashmere
Clothing and Accessories


Warm, super soft, refined. Faithful reproduction of the precious Indian Shahtoosh, perfect in winter.


Lighter than Twill, heavier than Voile. It is the right middle way and perfect passepartout for all seasons.


Light, delicate, refined. A fascinating cashmere cloud to elegantly flaunt during the summer.


Silk and cashmere together, specifically designed for men with a surfacing diamantine weave.
  • Limitless Colors

    Our collections are characterized by the marvelous and vast chromatic range.

  • 100% Made in ItalyProduction

    We follow patented production processes to work with extra thin cashmere fibers.

  • Eco-Friendly Yarn

    We work with fine yarn while respecting the environment, without releasing any ammonia-based substances.

  • Customization

    We offer the possibility of customizing our products with original, unique and exclusive prints.

Toosh is an Italian brand deriving from a long business experience with strong, technologically advanced production processes that respect the environment.

Quality, originality and
refined taste are the peculiarities
of its collections.

Your Online
Cashmere Boutique.

Toosh is a benchmark for customers looking for cashmere accessories and clothing, an Italian brand with a long-lasting business experience in working with refined, noble animal fibers. Toosh is a cashmere clothing and accessories boutique in Milan but it is also an online store where you can purchase highly regarded, quality products. All the cashmere clothes and accessories are Made in Italy and they are characterized by their well-finished, original and refined style. In its e-shop, Toosh offers a wide range of cashmere products, accessories and clothes.

Choose Toosh’s Quality, Made in Italy Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most prestigious and noble fibers, originating from Kashmir, an area between India, Pakistan and China. Toosh selects and uses only the best choice of this fiber, preferring the extra thin one which allows creating high quality stoles and knitwear. With this exclusive fiber, Toosh produces three different types of stoles:

Twill, the heaviest, also known as Ecotoosh because it is a faithful reproduction of the precious Indian Shahtoosh. This woman’s cashmere stole model is indicated for the coldest seasons.
Voile, the lightest and most delicate. It is a woman’s cashmere stole for the summer.
Gauze, the perfect middle way between the first two, it is indicated for mid-seasons.

Discover Toosh's cashmere products online assortment and purchase a unique, original item that will add a precious touch to your outfit.

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