Vicuña and cashmere Stole
Vicuña and cashmere Stole

Vicuña and cashmere Stole

Stole in albina Vicuña and cashmere. A rare pleasure, for true connoisseurs, with an unmistakable softness.

The vicuña scarf is luxury and refinement. A timeless object to be preserved throughout life and handed down from generation to generation.


Vicuña is a small camelid that lives in the wild in the Andes. Its fine wool was formerly reserved for weaving the robes of the king. It is the finest yarn in the world, only 12-13 microns in average diameter, and each adult animal can produce 250 grams of it every two years. Toosh works this fiber transforming it, thanks to its patented method, into a wonder to wear, an exceptionally soft and exclusive garment.

Find out more about vicuña: the finest fabric in the world 


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Vicuña - Sciarpe più fini e pregiate al mondo

La Vicuña, o Vigogna, è una delle fibre più fini e pregiate al mondo. Ancor più prestigiosa del cashmere, è nota anche come "Fibra degli Dei". Toosh è tra le poche aziende a produrre sciarpe di Vicuña, unendo la preziosa fibra al suo metodo di produzione brevettato per lavorare le fibre extrafini.

Size: 100x200 cm
Composition: 50% White Vicuna (Albina) - 50% Cashmere
Armor: Twill
Edges: Selvedge Long Sides + Fringe Short Sides

The item is delivered with CITES certification