Toosh is your benchmark when searching for clothing and accessories in superior quality cashmere.

It is an Italian brand deriving from a long business experience in working with noble, high quality animal fibers and in producing prestigious clothing items, characterized by its new-generation technological capacity.

Toosh’s main goal is to satisfy its customers by offering an assortment of accessories that always maintain high quality, originality and taste standards, that are made entirely in Italy in the company’s facilities, according to patented production procedures.


This production process allows Toosh to obtain and offer items made of extra thin noble fibers that are extremely light and soft like the precious Indian Shahtoosh.

Toosh places great importance to respecting the environment: for this reason, during the whole production process, no ammonia-based substances are released in the environment, so the products are therefore completely eco-friendly.

Toosh offers a line of clothing items and accessories with a vast range of available colors and original prints, thus satisfying even the most particular customers’ needs.