Purple Cashmere Stole
Purple Cashmere Stole

Purple Cashmere Stole

A vibrant shade of purple in this refined stole in extra-fine pure cashmere.

Toosh's patented production method for processing extra-thin cashmere fibers makes this stole light, warm and soft like the original Nepalese handcrafted shahtoosh, without however damaging the Tibetan antelopes.

The Toosh cashmere stole also passes the "ring test": despite its large size of 100x200 cm, the fineness of the fibers of which it is made make it pass easily through a wedding ring.


Warm, super soft, refined. Faithful reproduction of the precious Indian Shahtoosh, perfect in winter.

100% pure extrafine cashmere

100x200 cm

Made in Italy

Dry clean