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Long Sheepskin Coat with Zipper

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Women's tailored jackets and coats

Check out our selection of women's tailored jackets and coats and book an appointment to make your custom coat!
At the Toosh Showroom in Milan, our staff will be happy to advise you on models, luxury fabrics and endless shades of colors.

The attention of the fabrics selection, plus the care for the details and the opportunity to customize your garments will make your purchase an incredible and unique experience that will take you to the atmosphere of the ateliers of the past.

100% Shearling. Realizzato a mano in Italia. Ordinabile su misura in oltre 20 colori.

Campionario disponibile per la prova presso lo Showroom Toosh di Via Vivaio, 4 a Milano.

Richiedi un appuntamento in showroom e realizzeremo il tuo capo su misura!

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