Our collection stands out for the wonderful and wide color range and for our exclusive prints, which complete it with original proposals, where the classic and the innovative come together, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

It includes three different weaves of fabric, all in 100% cashmere:

  • The Twill, 100×200 cm, is the heaviest and warmest, with thicker armor, the most suitable for winter (this stole is also known as EcoToosh: a faithful reproduction of the indian Shahtoosh, as it takes from it the features of quality and softness, beside the craftsmanship typic of the indian and nepalese labor)
  • The Voile, 140×200 cm, is the lightest and most delicate stole, highly appreciated for its elegance and grace, perfect for elegant evenings and summer, a charming “cashmere cloud”
  • The Gauze, 100×200 cm, is the perfect middle way, with a slightly thinner armor than the twill, perfect for middle seasons

The collection is renewed and implemented seasonally with the inclusion of new ideas that represent the absolute excellence in quality, innovation and style in the world of luxury.

There is no shortage of important projects, such as the one developed in collaboration with the prominent Academy of Brera, “Faraway Lands”: artists have been given the opportunity to freely express on canvas their creativity and to see their artworks reproduced on soft scarves.

The result are pieces suspended between art and fashion, two parallel and related worlds that often meet, exchange continuous promises and at times succeed in accomplishing some.

Toosh’s collection also includes silk, linen and cotton shirts, rams, tailored trousers, leather goods, plaid and cashmere knitwear.

You can find our items in the showroom of Via Vivaio 4, in the heart of Milan.